How could she?

I’m friends with a couple, ex couple, the book of face said they’ve recently split up.  saddened me a little, because they are also parents.

So I’m reading his posts lately and checking it all out, trying to keep my distance and not say anything. It’s not my business ya know?  But when it’s put in front  of me  I can’t help but see  it.  I’m actually considering de-friending both of them.

So I read recently that she was moving away from him, found out tonight that she left without the children. I know the kids are boys and probably just as good with their father as they would be their mother. I can’t understand HOW she could leave her kids… I can understand the husband.  Sometimes marriage doesn’t work out, but to leave your kids?

I guess I won’t ever understand all people.. Makes me sad that they cry for and miss their mother.  We all have problems, especially with relationships, but damn…

I’m quick to judge, or I was. I’m trying not to and keeping my distance, it just breaks my heart.

Hate the sin, not the sinner… Right?


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  1. Divorce is always hard. I know my sister left her kids with her husband too, but it was because he refused to leave the house and she wanted them to continue their lives at school as close to normally as they could. If she took them they would have to change High Schools… not good, but leaving…. also not good cuz the father told the kids she abandoned them. Not true, but he wanted to come out as the good guy. (arggg)

    Anyway, my son use to taunt me with “if he lived with his dad he would have a TV in his room, etc, etc.,” and his dad kept threatening me with taking be back to court to claim I was a bad mother (cuz he didn’t like paying child support) so when my son was about 13 I let him go. Did it legally but wouldn’t give him child support because he would get to keep the money he use to pay me for child support. (seemed logical to me) Actually, I told him that if it was truly his son he wanted, and not the money, then he would never have even asked me to give him our son and child support. (He made lots more than me.. and not having to pay me gave him $325 more each month)

    My best friends are getting a divorce too. It’s sad because we even vacationed together … for years… Now, (she did something illegal I won’t go into, but I was shocked beyond belief) she hasn’t spoken to me in almost 2 years and her husband, who was my husbands best friend… went deep sea fishing, hunting etc. saw and talked to us a time or two but then I think he felt awkward, so he dropped off to. It still hurts my feelings, but I try to remind myself, like you say… their problems are their problems and it’s probably best that we haven’t socialized or talked to either cuz heaven knows I don’t want to have to go to court and testify against someone who was my best friend for almost 10 years.

    Hang in there sweetie….

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