People that irk me!

Just a quick update for tonight…

Well apparently I’ve neglected to update my friends on the Facebook that I am indeed pregos.  Yea so I have no idea how I managed to do that. I assume I told everyone I gave a crap about and just kind of left it at that.

So today I “outed” myself and got some crazy responses to it, mostly “oh my god” “congrats” and “I had no idea”. But  I got one response and for some reason it really irked me….  She said “it’s about damn time you mentioned it”  For some reason that irritated the shit out of me.

This is a girl I added earlier in the year, last year perhaps. Added her when Mr MB and I got together and I put forth a bit of effort to chat with her and be friends only to feel as though it was just a one way thing there.  So she says this today and I really just kind huffed and said whatthefuck?

Maybe I’m just taking it the wrong way?

Shouldn’t she have said something like, “lol” on the end of it? Or added a silly smiley face or  something? It’s something I would do if I were saying some shit that seems over the lineish…  It’s kind of like, look, ok so I’ve no idea who you are really, other than we  have chatted a few times.. I wouldn’t say something like “bout time” without adding a LOL or a goofy smiley.  That’s just me, but then again.. I do expect way to much of people which usually leads to me being disappointed at the end of the day!

Things are really “over the line” for me lately aren’t they?

Ok Ok, rant over!!

Last thing for tonight…  I watched last weeks episode of The Walking Dead tonight. I take back all of the bad things I said about Lori!  I cried through the end  of the episode, like such a girl!  It’s OK though. I loved it, I’ve missed watching it.

And there ya have it!!

-Hang  in there!



An award, for me?!?!?!! awe shucks!

So I’m in and out of blogging lately, trying to settle things away and come to terms with a lot of things. A lot of acceptance in the making. It’s as hard as I ever imagined it would be. And will only get harder.

But I was shocked, surprised and simply HONORED to log in and come across

After the much needed break from any real thinking I’ve been given a “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”  Honored! Simply honored.  This special award came from The Girl, go check her out. You won’t regret it.  I love her style and feel her pain and words with each post that she shares with the blogosphere.

So let’s move on with the rules and posting shall we?

Award Rules:

  1. Display the aware logo on your blog …  Question!  Did I just do that by posting it on this post or must I figure out how to paste it onto the wall of my blog?  heyalp?!
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you … Check!
  3. State 7 things about yourself .. .Confession! I hate those!
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them … Confession!  I don’t know if I know 15 bloggers 😉
  5. Notify those bloggers of the award and it’s requirements…. fun stuff right?

Seven things about the Monkey Butt:

  1. I have a weak spot for a cute monkey!
  2. Monkey Butts make me giggle.  Have you seen the powder? Hilarious!
  3. I’m hoping one day, when all that I love is gone,  that I can get away from this place.
  4. The presidential election yesterday was no surprise to me really, it didn’t matter one way or the other. But I voted.  This is bad isn’t it?
  5. There are more people in this world that bug the shit out of me than those who don’t. My Dingleberries (you guys)  are not included in this statement.  I love you guys/gals!
  6. I really love blogging, like really love it. But I’ve never nothing blog worthy to say. It’s all Monkey rambles and depressing posts of my life.  Go figure!
  7. It could ALWAYS be worse!

My 15 (fifteen) nominations:

  1. JoanneRambling
  2. Girl Meets Bulgaria
  3. Morning Warm Up
  4. Lizard Happy
  5. Act Like A Lady
  6. Keli has a blog
  7. Canadian Hiking Photography
  8. The Cat and the Coffee Cup


Well I only got 8. Hopefully this doesn’t ruin my chances at keeping my super awesome fabulous award!  Next time, I will be better off… Maybe!


There ya have it, very thankful and honored to accept this award!

Just a post …

It’s been a helluva time around here lately. I don’t want to get into it too much.  I know you’re all probably pretty sick and tired  of reading about my depressing thoughts and stories and stuff.

I will report that I’m not very happy with this whole Christmas coming earlier and earlier each year. Why must they do this?  What part of it makes any sense? I does nothing bu frustrate me each time I go into a store.  Not just shopping malls or department stores or something. Oh no!  It’s all stores!!  It’s sickening..

I will also report that Mama MB is in the hospital, she’s pretty sick. But she’s hanging in there!

Lastly I just want to say thanks to The Girl for the awesome blog award. I’m hoping tomorrow isn’t so very busy and I can get to work on that post!!  I’m excited!

So with that I leave you today… Don’t forget to vote. Everyone keeps saying that?  🙂

-Hang in there!

Stop the constant updates!



5:oo am – woke up

6:50am- got up

7:00am – attempted to wake Pokey up

7:15am – attempting to race for the exit

7:20am – on the road to drop Pokey off with Granny MB for the day

7:45am- hit the Mc(nasty)Donald’s for breakfast foods

8:00am- back on the road from dropping Pokey

8:30am- arrived at work




it’s 12:25 pm and I’m thinking about what I want for lunch, so hawngry!


Isn’t it annoying to constantly be updated about what someone is doing in their daily facebooking life. Here’s a message, get a real life. One that isn’t constantly updating with their friends and co workers what’s going on..

Maybe some of us could really care less.

You’d think I’d delete the asshats. Can’t bring myself,  it’s hiding time.. Again!

How are you?

-Hang in there!




I’ve been really interested in artwork to cover my walls in my new office.  We’ve recently purchased our first place and my  office is a MESS.

A few Dingleberries have said they will send me something for my walls. Preferably their own works!   Anyone else?

Now one of my blogger friends is taking doodles for her new thing…. So… My artwork looks sooo much better in my head.

Why is that?

No one yelled at or choked as of  yet today.

– Hang  in there!

What I’m Loving Wednesday (blogspot)

Hello dear Dingleberries, How are you doing on this lovely day?
It’s Wednesday again here we are with
 What I’m Loving Wednesday
Again linking up with Little Daisy May this week, so check her out when you’re done here!

I’m Loving … The Olympics

Many thanks to London for being an awesome host
Opening Ceremonies


I loved this
How cool are these two?
Fabulous Five
I’m loving …  Rocket Dog shoes
I’m loving : Kittens. OMG!
I’m loving these Pinterest finds this week
And there ya have it, a random list of things I’m Loving.  Have an awesome day Dingleberries.
Hang in there!

My first post in WordPress

So here we have my first post, my Dingleberries from blogspot know what I’ve been up to in my years of blogging, I’m keeping that one alive, but I’ve fallen in love with wordpress and will also be sharing some of my blogspot posts here with you all, perhaps even some that aren’t featured there.  But we will start slow, because I’m a busy Monkey Butt, with a list as long as the next Butt of things that need to be done.

So welcome to the land of a Monkey Butt, where you’ll most likely get poo tossed at you and well, never mind that smell. you get use to it!