So torn



I’m having a bit of trouble with this decision making thing. You know the feeling where you really want something, like really really. But you know it’s not the smartest move you’d make and in all reality you will most likely fail. We’re talking EPIC fail! My heart says YES my gut says NO!

I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Le Cordon Bleu. My reasons being I think they’re really better at what they do… Possibly?  They have  trained and well known chefs teaching classes?  How can I prove this?  How will I know better?

I feel like the cons out weigh the pros on Le Cordon Bleu.  Does that make sense?

I’m still shopping around. I’ve an appointment for Saturday at The Art Institute of Atlanta. I don’t think I’m going. It’s just as far as Le Cordon Bleu and it’s more of a college. So it won’t differ really from either of  the Tech schools I’m looking at. Other than the bells and whistles.  Tech schools seem pretty cut and dry. College seems to offer all the bells and whistles with the price tag to go along with it.

Did I mention Le Cordon Bleu had a nineteen thousand dollar price tag? With no guarantee of financial aid!!! Scary as hell!

I guess I’m blogging to convince myself of what I already know. I’m really arguing with myself on this one and it never fails that it helps me to get it all out… Somewhere..

Just so happens to be here!


-Hang in there!


What to do, what to do…


Met with the admissions lady at Le Cordon Bleu last night. It was an incredible experience and I was excited beyond words to explore this place.

That part is done, I did a bit of paperwork and arranged to pay her Thursday (tomorrow).

What’s new? In the course of the remaining of my night. Mr MB and I spoke of it and he thinks it’s still a good idea for me to explore other places to study this field. I know Le Cordon Bleu is the big name and would probably look glamorous on my resume.

But considering price and driving distance. The schedule they offer and the loss of work.

Is it wise to consider other, cheaper, closer places to study culinary arts?

Am I wasting my time?

–Hang in there

Stepping through the door,

I’m pretty sure the lady I spoke with yesterday at Le Cordon Bleu may have thought me as insane.

During the phone interview she’d ask me about my past educational stuff, telling her a bit about my adventures in Real Estate classes. Thinking to myself I’m sure she’s going to catch on the pattern that I abandon many ideas.

I guess I’m one of those who can begin a project and leave it sitting to collect dust just before finishing it. It’s true!

She asked about my current  position, my job and how long I’ve been there. Ashamed to admit my dedication to this place I’ve grown tired of.

Then asking me if I’d had any other career choices in my past. Telling her about my abandoned idea of police work. I left out the cosmetology ideas. I’ve excuse upon excuse why I’ve never stepped over that threshold into the door of something.  

I’m hoping this time is it, I can see this one through. I hope.  Pokey was a mess about it this morning when I told her the good news. I think a lack of communication and too much television has left her confused, a little.

We’ll work through it, she’ll see what  I mean. One day she’ll see a happier me as well,  that’s good for us all.