I worry,



I sit and watch my grandma.  Granny as I call her,

Mama Monkey Butt died last year, it will be a year next month.

I’m not looking forward to that. As if October isn’t bad enough, I have to live through a birthday with out her. I have to watch the calender as the one year mark gets closer and closer.  Like every day isn’t hard enough.

My Granny is getting older, every year, older and older.

I can’t stand the thoughts I have, the fears of her leaving this world too.

I don’t know if I can take anymore loss.


Happy New Year




I welcomed 2013 with open arms this  year.  Praying it’s better than 2012.  Who agrees?

Forgive my laziness and absence lately, I’m going to do better!

-Hang in there! Happy New Year


Pain Management needed,

Papa MB just text me. Granny MB is taking Mama MB to the Dr or ER today.  I may have mentioned Mama MB has been in A LOT of pain lately with her cancer and treatments. It’s a significant amount of pain in her back right now.

Possibly from the chemo or possibly because the chemo isn’t working.

Prayers needed for Mama MB as we go down this road here.  I pray they can get her pain under control!

Too far?




Our buddy bagger, the guinea pig we just ridden our lives = of. Well he peed on Mr Monkey Butt the other day. I laughed. who wouldn’t. 

I then proceeded to compare Bagger to R Kelly.

That’s when my 8 year old chimed in “Who’s R. Kelly” Well I know little to nothing about R. Kelly. Nothing other than the news story from years ago where he found himself in a bucket of trouble for peeing on some girl. 

So I tell Pokey (that’s what I call her) that R Kelly liked to pee on people. Nothing more, nothing less. I didn’t mention that it was sexual or just freaky or nasty. Which we all (even she) knows it’s nasty!


So now I ask you.. Did I go to  far?  Mr MB tried to tell me I did, but he cusses in each sentence.. So really, what’s the difference?  Mine actually may be better!

A little of this and a lot of that.



It’s Wedneday already. Started off with a bang. Was pretty steady busy up until lunch time.  Now I sit here, going back and forth with my blogs, Facebook and reading my most recent reading material. 

The move and everything else going on in MB life has made me fall behind, luckily the ladies in our reading group don’t seem to mind and some of them are as guilty as I am!  It is what it is. 

Hang in there!

Memory is a weird thing



There aren’t many days I can remember what exactly I was doing, where I was or really any other details, but 9/11 happens to be one of them I can recall pretty clearly.

I know I wouldn’t do well with  interrogation by the police, because I’d never remember where I was on the night of … blah blah blah. I’m sure they’d hang me out to dry like dirty laundry.

But I remember I woke up, the sun was shining. I turned on the television and the news reporters all over the television set were telling us about the disaster as it was going down or had gone down. That’s the part I can’t remember, was  it already over or had it just begun?  I can’t recall that. I remember thinking wow that’s insanity, but honestly I don’t recall giving it much more thought than that. I wasn’t in a position where I was reachable so no one could call and tell me all about it.  I was just lost I guess, the story came together later I’m sure.

Such a tragedy!

My thoughts and feel good vibes sent out into the world today.  So many people lost their lives and their loved ones.  I pray they’ve found some peace among all that destruction, mess and loss.

**For those who are curious, I remember being in middle school. Sitting in my classroom and the teacher announces she has to turn on the television set to what the OJ Simpson trail.


Crazy the things we remember and don’t.


-Hang in there!

Monday has arrived




It’s odd living so far away again, sitting in traffic. Driving for an hour to get to and from work. I’m losing that couple of hours with Pokey and Mr MB, but life is a bit easier up there. 

There isn’t as much traffic, no where to spend my money and Mama and Papa MB are right next door. 

It was weird watching Mr. MB outside mowing the lawn yesterday, I pondered what he thought about it. If it sucked or if it was a glorious experience.  I personally refuse. I will pay someone to do it first, 🙂  

I hope everyone is enjoying the best of their Monday, till later.


Hang in there!


We’re moving….tomorrow..

The apartment isn’t packed, the apartment is a mess. My dog is a total butthat who insists on pucking, pooping in the floor as soon as he finishes EATING ANYTHING IN SIGHT.

Is it obvious my stress level is through the roof?  That I need a good stiff drink?

Guess it’s time I take my own advise and -Hang in there!

It’s hard to keep up

Few of you know that I’m a dedicated blogger,  there’s rare an occasion that I don’t blog daily. With the exception of the weekends.  

I love it, what can I say. 

I checked into here today because I’ve forgotten or just not made the time for it. Whichever the case, I’ve fallen behind and I’m slacking off .

I’m reading a blog that was linked to me earlier and it dawned on me, There are a few blogs that I’m reading lately that I don’t think are encouraging me to keep my thoughts happy. I think some of their words bring me down from time to time.

I know I need to wash those people from my lives, remove them and prevent myself from reading those things. But I’ve two problems: 

  1. My blogger won’t let me delete people. 
  2. I’m so nice I enjoy reading about them and their lives and giving them some well wishings and love if they need it. 

Why do I do this to myself?