Random Life: (blogspot)

8:00 AM-ish
My Facebooker friends have already seen this picture today, for those who aren’t friends with me on the Facebook check the MB Facebook wall, it should be there as well. There is a clicker on my blog for the MB page, mind you I will be attempting to transition my MB page into it’s own thing so that it isn’t tied to my  personal Facebook page. A lot to get out there and a waste I’m sure.
So this morning we’ve rain, lots of rain. It woke me up and woke Pokey as well. She came in and hoped in bed with me and MAXimus!  That dog is such a brat I tell you. I’m betting he sleeps most comfy of us all. I can’t find comfort because I sleep with him crammed next to me and I know this so I’m terrified of squishing him. I’ve even woke up before thinking Mr. Monkey Butt had rolled over on him or something and was frantic to push him away from MAXimus.  Terrible isn’t it!
It’s 10:30AM-ish and the rain has passed. I don’t know if we’re suppose to get more today or not.  I’m terrible at watching the new lately, so we’ll see what happens. Pokey wants to go swimming after work today, we’ll see.
Moving along …
Sissy MB sent me a picture this morning of a wine bottle she seen at K-Roger this morning.  It’s a wine bottle for breast cancer awareness.  What.The.Fuck.  The news made sure to tell us women folks, over and over again that our previous thinkings that we could drink wine and love life, that it’s good for us to have a glass a day. Now we’re doomed to breast cancer if we drink alcohol. A big FUH-Q to the asshat that thought that was a good idea.
Why yes you’re right, I am being super sensitive about a lot of shit!!  Forgive me?
Now for the finale, many of you have seen me complaining about friendships lately, I know I’ve at least two posts on it. So this morning I check my Facebook email and what do I have? An email from a ‘stranger’ telling me, confirming really, that a friend of mine isn’t the friend that I think she is. Now why the hell would someone send me an email like that? Should I run to think she’s talking shit about me?  Ranting to her friends about me and this ‘stranger’ is hearing about it because they happen to be a lot closer to the situation than I am? My gut  is telling me to delete this bitch, because A) I don’t know and B) I don’t give a shit anyway. She’s one of the few that have been on my list anyways.
I got a lot to think about and honestly I’m hoping to hear back from said ‘stranger’ because I’d love a bit more information and then I’m going to the bitch that thinks it’s wise to say some shit like that.
There I go, being one of those over sensitive American’s again.
Forgive my ranting today 🙂
Hang in there!

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