Ready for the weekend.

Happy Friday Dingleberries. It feels like a Monday here. Had Thanksgiving Day off and I’m feeling the lack of sleep kicking it right now. We were  out a tad bit late though.  Oh well, that’s what the holidays are for… Right?

So let me start by asking, everyone have a fabulous Thanksgiving or what? Anyone join in the fun of Black Friday shopping?  I’m steering clear of shopping this year. I don’t want to go at it, let along with the rest of the state on my heels.  Just best for me to stay home and catch up on some sleep. I’ve family members who were out at 11 pm Thanksgiving night and didn’t get home until like 12 hours later.

There may be something wrong with (some of) the people in my family!

Today at work is just dragging by, I think it’s the lack of sleep part of it that’s making it so bad. I neglected to snap any photos yesterday. The kids were being pretty good and we were able to spend time with family.

All in all, pretty good day.

Now for this Friday to get done with, we’re going tree shopping tonight.  Then time to….relax?  Wait?  What’s that word mean?

Till next time,


Hang in there!