Is it crossing a line?



“There’s not much time left, sadly I don’t know that she will make it through the weekend”

The worst words you can ever hear someone say regarding the life of someone you love so dearly.

I don’t recall what I’ve told you dear Dingleberries lately about Mama MB and her health. They say it isn’t that good.   Things aren’t looking that great.

I feel like I’m either crying constantly or fighting back tears. I force myself to stop.

I can’t give up on her yet, not until her heart stops.

The point of the post… I’m seeking your opinions.

Yesterday a fellow co-worker said to me that he was scared his wife was going to get breast cancer, because she started smoking again. Smoking doesn’t always cause cancer.  But he adds that she has a lump and has refused to go have it checked…

Her mother also died in her early 50’s of cancer.

This woman has a 12 year old  from a previous marriage.

I cried all the way home because I fought within myself wanting to text him, my, co-worker, and beg him to remind his wife to go have it checked. Don’t walk!  RUN!

What would you do?  Do I cross the line and push to remind the importance of it.  Or do I mind my own business?  I don’t know how I will feel in the long run if I mind my business.

-Hang in there


8 responses

  1. I know it is breaking your heart, and I So, feel for you. It is always hard watching a loved one suffer. I don’t think you’re wrong to speak out against it… but I do it all the time. I’m always advising everyone to get Aflac Cancer Insurance… It’s so cheap & the rates don’t change and it saves yo if you ever do get it. I’m sorry the Mama MB is getting weaker and I know that no matter what anyone says to you, you will probably feel angry and they don’t understand. (That’s natural) A lot of them won’t understand unless they’ve been through a similar experience. I know I’m weird sometimes, but the way I get through it is to strongly believe that once they pass over they are happy and without pain. Have you watched that TV show about the Medium from NJ I think. I watched it with my daughter last night… I know some people think that’s nuts, but watch the show sometime, it’s Thursdays down here on the Learning Channel. Every single one is a good experience and gives them closure. I will keep you both in my prayers! Hope I didn’t add to your grief by saying that. Sending hugs and prayers!

    • Thanks 🙂 All thoughts and well wishings are so much appreciated at this time. It is a rough time and I try so hard not to get angry with life and death, but it’s hard. It’s selfish of me and it’s unfair of life!

      I haven’t seen any shows like that, will have to see if I can find it on our local stations.

  2. Sending you strength and courage, mb.
    Regarding the situation with your coworker, your heart is in the right place to want to express concern and encourage them to have things checked out. i’d suggest considering your approach according to what you know of your coworker. If he’s quite sensitive, you may want to reconsider a strong approach. If your coworker is receptive but he doesn’t think his wife will be, maybe you could help him work on a plan of approach that she would be more receptive to. Either way, definitely a delicate situation…. i’m sure he feels some helplessness with his wife’s resistance, and your support and encouragement means a great deal.
    i sincerely believe that life does not end… it just returns home. We are of each other, and to each other we return.
    My thoughts are with you.

    • Thanks Girl 🙂 I mentioned it to him Friday as well, sadly he’d forgotten to remind his wife. My heart aches for them all as I hate the thought of anyone going through loss because of such a monster.

      I know there are so many ways to look at life not ending and where you go when you die. Sadly I’m facing a great deal of selfishness of not wanting my mother to leave this life. I want her here with me for always. In a physical sense, not spiritual or in my heart. I want her here! 🙂 That’s everyone in my shoes though!

      I will keep mentioning it to him, keep reminding him to push her to get it checked. I think it will OK and possibly show as a reminder for him. Maybe.

      It is what it is right?

      Thank you for the kind words!

      • Oh, mb.. i so agree with you! if i could have all the people i love around me forever i would want for nothing else!
        i’m so sorry that you and your family are going through this.
        It speaks volumes that you’re so concerned for your coworker and his wife even while you’re going through so much…
        Hang in there!

  3. First I would like to say, I am so sorry about mama MB. No one should ever have to watch someone they love be in pain. Ur anger and feelings are understandable and they are just that ur feelings. About ur coworker, I think that he was reaching out to u and so he was in fact asking for ur advice. I personally tell everybody I know to get there selves checked,
    I don’t think u are over stepping. She is
    probably scared

    • I hope you’re right, I don’t want to be pushy or anything like that. I’d just hate so see anyone go through anything so awful as cancer. I will always push awareness and as soon as I’m able I’m getting a mamogram! Every year for the rest of my life 🙂

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