Can we hate the haters?



I’m still a mixed up basket case of  mess.  But I’m hoping and praying that the new pain medication and medications will get Mama MB back to a less painful state.

She said to me “it’s everywhere”.  I know what this means, from nameless sources. But I’m not suppose to know.  I can’t say anything. I don’t want to say anything.

Science or God needs to step in and control this cancer for us. It’s not fair for God to want my Mama MB. I want to keep her here with me, pain free, like new. Or at least what she was before the cancer.

Reading all these I hate Komen messages.  I’m such a mess with cancer.

Is it wrong to hope?  Ever?  Thanks Komen haters for making me think there is no hope left.

-Hang in there?


2 responses

  1. I’m not a Komen hater… I just disagree with the m giving money to planned Parenthood for mammograms because they don’t really do that. Cancer is a nasty experience & we fight and fight, for as long as we can. Sometimes God just has other plans, even tho we don’t agree or understand. I would tell you that if cancer runs in your family (or not even), when you get to a point where you can financially afford it, check out AFLAC Cancer plans. They are ultra cheap and pay money directly to you. They reimburse me every month for my medication which is over $425.00. rates never go up.

    I’ll say extra prayers for your Mama MB and hope they are able to fine some way to help her with the pain management. ((hugs)) “This too shall pass”, as my grand-mother use to tell me. It will, but if you begin keeping up with memory making moments with her, you’ll probably be glad later. Like tape record stories of her childhood, when she met your grandfather, etc. You can video tape if she’ll allow you too. I have a friend who has been doing that. 😀

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