Stop the constant updates!



5:oo am – woke up

6:50am- got up

7:00am – attempted to wake Pokey up

7:15am – attempting to race for the exit

7:20am – on the road to drop Pokey off with Granny MB for the day

7:45am- hit the Mc(nasty)Donald’s for breakfast foods

8:00am- back on the road from dropping Pokey

8:30am- arrived at work




it’s 12:25 pm and I’m thinking about what I want for lunch, so hawngry!


Isn’t it annoying to constantly be updated about what someone is doing in their daily facebooking life. Here’s a message, get a real life. One that isn’t constantly updating with their friends and co workers what’s going on..

Maybe some of us could really care less.

You’d think I’d delete the asshats. Can’t bring myself,  it’s hiding time.. Again!

How are you?

-Hang in there!



7 responses

  1. lol It’s also annoying when you’re out with someone and they update your whereabouts every few minutes and then tag you! If you wanted everyone to know where you were, wouldn’t you have just told them all yourself?? #nostalkmepls

  2. I think there is a way you can blog their comments from showing up in your news feed…. but you’d have to do it, they wouldn’t know, but it can’t be done from their end.. at least that is what my brother told me… LOL Hope you are well!

      • LOL… I meant block, not blog, but my brain doesn’t always communicate with my fingers. If I find out how to do it (since they keep changing like crazy) I’ll let you know. I did divide mine into groups like family, close friends, etc. and I only check/click on those from my home page cuz they are in a condensed spot.

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