In need of fur



Good Monday?

It’s going…Ok… around here!  The weather is crappy and it’s cooling down, A LOT.  I’m not a big fan of cool/cold/winter/springy weather. I guess because I wasn’t blessed like a monkey to be covered in fur. I’m furless and there just aren’t enough layers of clothing and jackets to warm my bones. Odd.

So I went in today and picked up a prescription for Mama MB’s pain medicine.  Depressed feelings hit me pretty hard today.

Still blaming the hormones, I’m usually not so depressed. But it’s bothering me a lot lately.



2 responses

  1. It’s normal that it would be bothering you more now. You are so close to the situation and it’s so heart-breaking…. You brain is probably struggling with accepting that even though you really want to, there is nothing you can do to stop it, you can only be there for her. Remember, it’s okay to cry if you feel like it. I use to cry in the shower all the time when I first found out I had cancer. You have a gentle heart, just remember you can’t change God’s plan… You can try, but it just doesn’t work out. Hang in there… 😀

    • I just wish (selfishly) he would make her better. For me and us and her. I don’t want to lose her, I know she will be better off and I’m a selfish brat. I hate that she’s suffeing!

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