See Monkey Run



Lady at work here raised her voice to me today.  I could have ripped her head off.

I could have cried, right there, out loud.

I did none of the above, I walked away.

Things are calmer now.

I will blame the hormones.  This place and any place better pray that I make it through these hormones.

Could see MB on the next Cops series!


2 responses

  1. LOL… sorry to laugh…. I remember when I was pregnant I all but cussed out another teacher… in front of my students…. LOL. I just lost it… don’t remember why. Maybe you can look at her next time and say,” well, are you a self-centered little thing. Obviously I’m hurrying as quickly as I can’. If you can do my job better… have at it.” On the other hand, you probably shouldn’t listen to me… I think people should be called on their rude behavior. I think that sometimes they are so self absorbed that they don’t even realize they are behaving that way. Hope today is better!

    • Sometimes she can be the worst kind of person. I’ve noticed in the last two days, there are now numerous people here that cannot be trusted with the bad mouthing I tend to get carried away. I hope Ms Untrustworthy told Mrs Snot what I thought about her shiz yesterday! Grrrr!!! I agree, I think sometimes they need to be told off.

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