It’s OK to change?



A shit storm blew through this weekend. It was nerve wrecking to be honest. I cried my tears and cried some more this morning.

I’ve recently started going to church, in the beginning it was just a thing I wanted to do to be closer to Mama and Papa MB, but it’s grown into a something more.  Something that surprised even me.  I’m still going Sunday’s as a family thing but I’m also taking Pokey on Sunday evenings so she can enjoy the kid activities. So far we’ve got a thumbs up on this event. She attempted to convince me into letting her stay home last night… It didn’t work. She had fun!

Back to the point.. I found myself actually asking What would Jesus Do? I guess I determined he probably wouldn’t give up. With all the insult and torture he went through. He didn’t give up on people.  Does this mean I shouldn’t?

I don’t want to give up..  But I can’t live a life of anger and frustration. A life where the house isn’t at peace, everyone at everyone’s throat. No happy sounds echoing from the walls.

I’m hoping the shit storm dies down some. Mr MB and I have spent a few minutes talking this morning trying to come to terms with it all, but I guess we both just need to change… A little.

Change isn’t always a bad thing?


– Hang  in there!


4 responses

  1. I went through a similar experience when my father died when I was in my mid 20’s. My mother told me it was my fault he died because I broke his heart because I was the first in the family to ever get a divorce. I was devastated, but through counseling I became well acquainted with the stages of grief and “blaming” and “anger” are the biggies. I had just quit my job due to sexual harassment from my boss & then my died died a month later… I was angry, but I turned mine on God… (my mother directed her’s at me) I don’t think she even knew or understood what she was doing, but it was a really low time for me, being alone with a 2 yr. old, no job and no dad. That is when I made peace with God and really developed my Faith to a much closer & stronger relationship. It might be the stress of Mama MB’s condition that has everyone on edge (just guessing).. I do think your thoughts of “What would Jesus Do” are sending you exactly in the right direction. Maybe consider waiting to see if this is going to be a permanent situation or if it’s just temporary. I don’t think He would want you to stay in a bad/negative/hurtful situation. He gives us the brains to gather info. and the ability to choose and make our own decisions. Follow your heart and pray about it…<3 Good luck…

  2. i’m not of one specific religion, but i do believe that, on a very basic level, most religions have it right… love and respect of life and everything done in service of that. i’m glad you could find inspiration and comfort there. Your anguish comes from a tremendous love… like a smile through tears. Hang in there 🙂

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