Zombie tales,



I joined a book club with my facebooker friends a couple of months ago. So far I’ve read two good books.  Well I thought they were pretty good. Nothing life changing or anything.

They’ve chosen to read horror this month. I’m not excited, I don’t get into the horror genre.  I did however come across one that I think I could possibly read.

It’s called I,Zombie and from the description tells me that it’s the story of a man bitten or attacked by a zombie and his tale leading to him being a zombie.  Sounds pretty awesome to me! ha ha. I heart zombies.



Anyone read this one?


-Hang in there!


7 responses

  1. You’re adventurous… that’s good. I try to break out and read outside my comfort zone now and then too. sometimes its painful though cuz I always feel like I absolutely must finish any book I start so if it turns out to be horrendous, I’m miserable. Zombies should be fun tho unless it’s too gruesome… 😀

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