What to do, what to do…


Met with the admissions lady at Le Cordon Bleu last night. It was an incredible experience and I was excited beyond words to explore this place.

That part is done, I did a bit of paperwork and arranged to pay her Thursday (tomorrow).

What’s new? In the course of the remaining of my night. Mr MB and I spoke of it and he thinks it’s still a good idea for me to explore other places to study this field. I know Le Cordon Bleu is the big name and would probably look glamorous on my resume.

But considering price and driving distance. The schedule they offer and the loss of work.

Is it wise to consider other, cheaper, closer places to study culinary arts?

Am I wasting my time?

–Hang in there


2 responses

  1. I think that when it comes to the culinary feild, it is such sought after career and so therefore it is going to be very important as to where you attend culinary school. If you got in to “blue ” already, I personally think you would be crazy to pass on it. I would be enrolling. Girl go for it, it’s do or die.you got to be all in. I’m so happy that you decided to go for it. Now just pick blue…

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