Too far?




Our buddy bagger, the guinea pig we just ridden our lives = of. Well he peed on Mr Monkey Butt the other day. I laughed. who wouldn’t. 

I then proceeded to compare Bagger to R Kelly.

That’s when my 8 year old chimed in “Who’s R. Kelly” Well I know little to nothing about R. Kelly. Nothing other than the news story from years ago where he found himself in a bucket of trouble for peeing on some girl. 

So I tell Pokey (that’s what I call her) that R Kelly liked to pee on people. Nothing more, nothing less. I didn’t mention that it was sexual or just freaky or nasty. Which we all (even she) knows it’s nasty!


So now I ask you.. Did I go to  far?  Mr MB tried to tell me I did, but he cusses in each sentence.. So really, what’s the difference?  Mine actually may be better!


4 responses

  1. Buhahaha! That’s too funny. We have a Guinea pig as well his name is Carlisle. I personally don’t think you went to far, you stuck with the basic information and edited where needed. But I can also see your hubby’s point of view as well. Its just one of those situations where you go with your gut, and you did and I think you did fine. 🙂

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