Stepping through the door,

I’m pretty sure the lady I spoke with yesterday at Le Cordon Bleu may have thought me as insane.

During the phone interview she’d ask me about my past educational stuff, telling her a bit about my adventures in Real Estate classes. Thinking to myself I’m sure she’s going to catch on the pattern that I abandon many ideas.

I guess I’m one of those who can begin a project and leave it sitting to collect dust just before finishing it. It’s true!

She asked about my current  position, my job and how long I’ve been there. Ashamed to admit my dedication to this place I’ve grown tired of.

Then asking me if I’d had any other career choices in my past. Telling her about my abandoned idea of police work. I left out the cosmetology ideas. I’ve excuse upon excuse why I’ve never stepped over that threshold into the door of something.  

I’m hoping this time is it, I can see this one through. I hope.  Pokey was a mess about it this morning when I told her the good news. I think a lack of communication and too much television has left her confused, a little.

We’ll work through it, she’ll see what  I mean. One day she’ll see a happier me as well,  that’s good for us all.


2 responses

  1. Sweetheart, there is nothing wrong with wanting to explore life. I think we all (I did at least) had several things I wanted to do with my life. You can’t really find that out many times until you actually jump in with both feet and try it. I wanted to go to NYC and model (w/Ford agency) but my parents wouldn’t let me… which turned out well cuz my Southern life style would have probably gotten me killed …lol. I wanted to be a painter…. till my mom said I couldn’t make money painting. (But I did have a scholarship and painted for several years as a hobby), then I wanted to transfer to FSU and major in Dance. LOL… Obviously that was a no… (I think the idea of “poles” scared my parents… so I became a teacher then a Counselor and STILL jump from “hobby to hobby” … when I have time. don’t be ashamed of not knowing exactly what you think your life calling is. Sometimes we just have many callings and you just have to decide which one you enjoy the most and will make enough money to provide for yourself & any children you may have. You could try finding you a rich man to take care of you, but personally, in my unsolicited opinion, that’s akin to selling your Soul.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to leave such a long comment… : /

    • Well I’m glad you left such a long comment 🙂 Sadly I never once found me a rich man, though I’m sure it isn’t too late. I just don’t have interest in wasting the time I guess, money or not… Sounds frustrating 😉 Yea I’ve toyed with many a idea on careers and life. Maybe one day I will figure it all out!

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