I’ve been having these thoughts lately, it’s bugging me.  Long story short, when we were kids we spent a good deal of time with family members, as well as Mama MB; Popa MB not being in our lives until later in life.

So we would spend time with my uncle, Mama MB’s brother, and his soon to be wife. We loved them, she would take us to her parents house. Her mother made the most awesome peanut butter balls EVER! To this day I think about those peanut butter balls.

I wonder if she still makes them?

They were unwed and without children and would treat us as though we were the closest thing that had. Because we were. I remember they bought us (my sister and I) matching  jackets. They were the coolest things ever!  Coolest shit you ever seen!  I ain’t lying either!

I see pictures of us all together at times, Granny MB has them somewhere. And then there are pictures of us with their first-born. I remember their wedding.

My aunt tells me that something happened one day, something just snapped with Mama MB and she doesn’t know what. But we weren’t able to spend time with my aunt and uncle anymore.

Lately I’ve been wondering what might have happened. I miss her, we talk often these days. Which is new and it was last year she told me this tale and that she didn’t know what happened either.

It upset me to see her ache a little inside, to see her sad. I love them, still.


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  1. That’s strange, maybe there was some jealousy involved…. but now that you’re grown, you can see who you wish, right?

    Oh, BTW, I nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award… check my post for details. Good luck! : D

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