Just a few …


Just a few things for today…

  • Mama MB seemed to feel OK yesterday, she was struggling with her epilepsy though.  Poor thang, I wish she didn’t have so much to deal with.
  • Signing up for another road race is just what I need to motivate me to do some running.
  • I ate one of the chicken wraps at Chikfila today and OMIGOD it was so tasty!    That place is quite heavenly!  Anyone else agree?
  • I’ve decided I’ve been at my job long enough, seven years. It hit me hard earlier, getting pissed off with one of my co-workers again. It’s time.  I’ve been seriously considering signing up for culinary school. The thought of altering my whole life though makes me nervous.

So today has been up and down, started out down and just climbed as the day went on. I enjoy that from time to time, but I’d prefer it start big and then wind down for the end of the day.  Usually doesn’t work out that way huh?

So that’s what I have for today. It’s been a busy day what with my other blogs and reading everything you awesome folks are blogging as well.  If I actually decide to change jobs and get some education under my belt, I won’t have all this time anymore. That makes me sad!

Hang in there!


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  1. Well, they say that most people change their types of jobs 4 or 5 times in their life. My sister got her nursing degree when she was in her late 30’s, but I can see how letting go of a job in this sucky economy would be a tough decision. Perhaps they have a few online classes that you could take while still working or if you can find a part time job. Cooking is always good! My daughter has had a few friends go to Atlanta and Savannah (I think), Ga. to culinary schools & they loved it. I can’t cook a lick, but I know you do need to be happy in your work. Best wishes with your decision..

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