Memory is a weird thing



There aren’t many days I can remember what exactly I was doing, where I was or really any other details, but 9/11 happens to be one of them I can recall pretty clearly.

I know I wouldn’t do well with  interrogation by the police, because I’d never remember where I was on the night of … blah blah blah. I’m sure they’d hang me out to dry like dirty laundry.

But I remember I woke up, the sun was shining. I turned on the television and the news reporters all over the television set were telling us about the disaster as it was going down or had gone down. That’s the part I can’t remember, was  it already over or had it just begun?  I can’t recall that. I remember thinking wow that’s insanity, but honestly I don’t recall giving it much more thought than that. I wasn’t in a position where I was reachable so no one could call and tell me all about it.  I was just lost I guess, the story came together later I’m sure.

Such a tragedy!

My thoughts and feel good vibes sent out into the world today.  So many people lost their lives and their loved ones.  I pray they’ve found some peace among all that destruction, mess and loss.

**For those who are curious, I remember being in middle school. Sitting in my classroom and the teacher announces she has to turn on the television set to what the OJ Simpson trail.


Crazy the things we remember and don’t.


-Hang in there!


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