It’s hard to keep up

Few of you know that I’m a dedicated blogger,  there’s rare an occasion that I don’t blog daily. With the exception of the weekends.  

I love it, what can I say. 

I checked into here today because I’ve forgotten or just not made the time for it. Whichever the case, I’ve fallen behind and I’m slacking off .

I’m reading a blog that was linked to me earlier and it dawned on me, There are a few blogs that I’m reading lately that I don’t think are encouraging me to keep my thoughts happy. I think some of their words bring me down from time to time.

I know I need to wash those people from my lives, remove them and prevent myself from reading those things. But I’ve two problems: 

  1. My blogger won’t let me delete people. 
  2. I’m so nice I enjoy reading about them and their lives and giving them some well wishings and love if they need it. 

Why do I do this to myself?  


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