It’s hard to love one another sometimes (blogspot)

*Note to reader aka Dingleberries:  This post has become 2 posts in one, due to the nature of my thoughts today, no need in making you come back twice, three times, four?  Whatever. Enjoy, or don’t.  I enjoy you stopping by*

Pokey and I came home yesterday and our routine is to immediately take Turdius MAXimus out for his afternoon walk.

I always heard growing up that Chihuahua is a lazy person’s dog. You can just pick them up, hold them out the window and squeeze.  Rather than walking them and letting them do their duty, let me just tell you… That doesn’t work, not at all, rather than him doing his duty he will snap and bite at you. They lied to me.   

So we leash him up, Pokey is grabbing her snack to go and we head out.  Rather than taking our normal direction we go down the way in front of our building.  This man and woman pull up and get this …. This dumb ho woman proceeds to yell, from the passenger side of her car that “the dog park is over there”.  I’m like what the frak is she talking about? Looking at her with a dumb look on my face; I’m still unsure. She then proceeds to tell me ” Stop walking your dog in front of my building letting it crap” By then I know what the frak she is talking about and I’m not happy.

Rant to follow, look away:

I clean up my dog shit, just like the sign tells me! I too have to avoid the land mines riddling the fronts of OUR building. You stupid ho need to realize what the hell you are talking about and who you are throwing blame at, because I go above and beyond to be sure I don’t leave my dogs SHIT in the grass because just like you, you stupid bitch I don’t enjoy stepping in shit either.  So Eff off you stupid ho

To avoid conflict and getting my ass beat down in front of my daughter and my dog I simply tell her that I have bags for my dogs poop. That I’m not leaving his crap in front of her building.  She then tells me “The dog park is over there”. What the fuck is wrong with this bitch?  I simply look at her and her man driver and let them know I’m aware of where the dog park is and tell them I’m good. Continuing my walk.

I stewed over that for the rest of the night. It bothered me that this bitch woman would dare approach someone like that. Act like a stupid cunt and yell from her car accusing me of something like leaving dog shit laying in the grass.  How dare she act that way with my child and my dog present. I hope I left my child with a good example of how to handle bitches like that.  Just sad she had to be there to see a cruel woman like that and her angry way of talking to someone.

I just had to share that with you all, it bugged me and I know they seen me walking my dog in the dog park today I just hope they see me walking my dog in front of their building again today and just like last night, I will be there tonight as well. I’m not breaking my routine for some dumb ho, she can just invest more time to pay attention she will see who is doing it, I already know, but I’m not telling!

Can you believe that woman?

One more short thing for right now, work story. I try to keep it short. 

The new guy called in this morning, so my boss tells me when I get in at 830am. He’s going to be running late, he has to put his dog down. Poor thang.

So later I hear one of the guys on the phone with him, bashing on him for being sad. For having feelings about his 9 year old dog getting hit by a car, not knowing if she will make it. Not knowing if they will put her down or what?

I couldn’t believe the insensitivity of this asshole. How badly he spoke of the dog. What a fucking asshole. I couldn’t take it this morning. He’s on my eat shit list today.  I’m not happy with him and the way he handled that situation. I can’t imagine being friends with someone like that.

What was it the preacher man said, Love one another?  It’s so hard sometimes, when things like this happen. I don’t know what has happened to me, but something has clicked and my sensitive side is all over the place. arg!!!

Forgive the realness of today’s post, just wish people weren’t so cruel these days!


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